Driving Sustainable Growth By Leveraging Customer Insights

NPD organizations with a B2B market have a distinct advantage: early and cheap access to true customer insights that can help reduce commercial risk for product launches and aid in building an innovation roadmap that drives long-term growth.


What if you could create a roadmap to confidently guide your market-facing innovation for years to come? A customer-centric approach can make a difference in the modern marketplace by helping to reduce commercial risks. And it doesn't have to be expensive: For the B2B market, the critical information you need to know is knowable early and cheaply.

In this webinar, Dan Adams and Keith Duncan present methods to incorporate into your organizational planning process to be confident you’re going after the right goals - and have the right plans in place to achieve them.

Topics discussed include:

  • What you might be doing backwards in your product development process
  • How to know what your customers really want in a product – and ways to ask questions to get precise customer and market insights
  • How to reduce risk and improve market acceptance for every product launch
  • How to create your innovation roadmap to align your organization (R&D, sales, manufacturing, HR, IT, marketing) around the same goals: developing the differentiated products your customers really want and will be happy to pay for

Interested in learning more? Contact webinar@planisware.com for complimentary copies of the whitepapers that Dan references in the webinar:

  • Timing Is Everything
  • Discovery Interview Research Report
  • Preference Interview Research Report