Driving Data Integrity and Product Development with Spin Master

Planisware helped Spin Master drive higher transparency and accountability in their organization by having a single source of truth for their data
Driving Data Integrity and Product Development with Spin Master

About Spin Master

Spin Master is a global toy and entertainment company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. A leader in children’s entertainment, Spin Master produces products for recognized brands like Bakugan, PAW Patrol, Air Hogs, and Rubik’s Cube and expanded from toys into digital entertainment. Spin Master is an innovator in the children’s entertainment space and has been an industry leader for over 25 years.

The Problem

Spin Master is, at any time, managing over 5000 projects across its numerous product lines. The average length of a project is 6 to 18 months. Multiple teams, like engineering, marketing, packaging, and sourcing, contribute to SAP master data that directs inventory, customer orders, shipping codes, item UPCs, and more. Historically the company utilized multiple separate systems for data entry across its departments.

This lead to data integrity issues and internal resource inefficiencies. Manually inputting data on two systems created inaccurate data records and Spin Master wanted to solve this issue. Also, out-of-sync data and the time spent to fix it required more resources than were available. Weekly statuses and monthly “Operational Excellence” reporting would take multiple days out of employee’s time in order to prepare for executive reviews.

Spin Master audited its existing processes and planned a solution road map. At the end of the audit, Spin Master chose Planisware Enterprise as the solution to strategically solve these issues.

To be able to leverage this system to do all Product Development tasks related to master data was very exciting and a huge win for our team!

The Solution

Planisware Enterprise was implemented within Spin Master as the single source of data truth. Spin Master could now adapt to needs and increase resource efficiency when gathering data for its thousands of projects.

The Planisware Enterprise integration project required cross-company collaboration. A team of Spin Master cross-functional partners collaborated for over a year to reveal historic issues and layout the plan to address these problems and the solutions.

Spin Master developed a phased plan, took time to step back, and look at the data collected during project management. It took this opportunity to question the necessity of certain data types, who used them, and the use case. These questions further enabled Spin Master to streamline incoming data streams to purposefully only add necessary data.

Over 3 phases, Spin Master and Planisware collaborated to integrate the Planisware Enterprise platform into workflows.

Phase 1 linked the Enterprise platform to internal systems and addressed manual data entry by creating a Planisware portal that auto-populated data fields and only required Spin Master data teams to enter a minimal amount of information. Phase 2 fully integrated a Spin Master team to work entirely within Planisware Enterprise. This would test Planisware Enterprise as a sole work environment.

Spin Master discovered, throughout Phase 1 and 2, that the single work environment lead to a natural increase in transparency and collaboration. This also drove more positive accountability and positive change in the company. Reporting went from a necessary monthly burden, to an automatic output of their working process.

During Phase 3, Spin Master integrated the Product Development team into Planisware Enterprise and they quickly became the team that leveraged the platform to complete all tasks related to Spin Master data.

Spin Master saw a 55% increase in efficiency after integrating Planisware Enterprise as the single source of data truth. Also, the master data setup backlog decreased by 90%.

Spin Master teams identified additional bottlenecks and presented other improvement opportunities throughout the different phases.Spin Master will continue to integrate more teams into Planisware Enterprise to improve operational efficiencies and reveal any other positive opportunities as time goes on.

When Planisware was in place, we got so many emails saying that [Planisware] just saved them hours of their time.

Deepika Phoebe, Process Engineer


Spin Master recognized that siloed data systems lead to data integrity issues and fixing these errors required more time than it had available. When it began its phased Planisware Enterprise integration, Spin Master took a step back and looked at the why, who, and when of input data to determine if the right data was entered into the master data.

With Planisware Enterprise as the single source of truth, Spin Master experienced over 50% increased efficiency, a 90% reduction in the master data setup backlog, and increased time savings through identification of other bottlenecks revealed by the expertise and knowledge of Spin Master teams.