Managing projects across functions: An essential for Drug Development

Successful drug development hinges on effective planning that sits across all functions that are involved. Here’s how to get started and excel.
Whitepaper: Cross Functional Planning for Drug Development Organizations

TIME TO READ: 5 minute read.
- It’s no secret that drug development can be a slow and interrupted process towards delivery within Life Sciences. In the modern day era where time is of the essence planning across multiple teams and business functions has become invaluable.
- The key to effective planning across functions is built on three core principles, ensuring everyone involved is in sync. The benefits are immense.
- How to get started with Planning across functions and how to excel within your own organization.

Pharmaceutical companies are feeling the pressure of competing alongside other industries that offer personalized and convenient products and services in a timely manner. Technology transformation has propelled a new era of patient-centricity and highlighted to organisations on the importance of cross functional planning. Tight co-ordination across multiple functions and teams is paramount if you want to avoid costly miscommunication and delays.


In a survey of workers involved in project management, 41 percent of respondents say they use several different platforms to track project data. This can cause a loss of project information, poor prioritization, and unrealistic project goals, leading to unmet expectations and missed deadlines


To learn more about achieving a patient-centric focus towards your cross functional planning download the report.