Application Portfolio Management: Hidden Keys to Success with Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan of the Analyst Syndicate offers guidance on curating your application portfolio. Increase ROI by investing in effective technology, save money on applications that don't contribute, and stay ahead of future business needs.


In this webinar, Jim Duggan (Gartner alumnus, Analyst Syndicate member, and co-creator of the TIME framework for APM) offers strategies to optimize your portfolio for maximum business value today, while investing in the right applications for the future.

Untangle the web of applications in operation at your business and discover:

  • Where new technology can provide the most business impact
  • What value existing applications provide, and how their leverage can be improved
  • Which applications merit further investment and where you can cut dead weight

The webinar includes a live presentation of Planisware's APM capabilities with Planisware Solutions Engineer Bryan Tretheway.