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Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Combining Agile and Stage-Gate for New Product Development
A practical example of how Agile techniques can be incorporated within the Stage-Gate Process.
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Project Control
Follow a project manager, a workpackage manager, and a department head as they assess the consequences of change requests on an engineering [...]
Strategic planning
A Primer for Integrated Roadmapping: An Interview with Ken Huskins
Integrated Roadmapping is often overlooked as a tool for excellence at new product development, yet is so incredibly important to bridge innovation [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Building a Business Case
Define consistent business cases for projects and proposals to provide the infrastructure for objective decision-making.
PPM Accelerate's 50 Best Practices
The complete list of Dr Michael Menke's PPM Accelerate 50 Best Practices, sorted into categories.
Portfolio Management
Dr Michael Menke on portfolio management and the impact of the PPM Accelerate Benchmark
Ongoing since 2011, the Menke PPM Accelerate Benchmarking Study has been examining high-performing R&D organizations to understand which practices [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Project Selection & Portfolio Optimization
Strategic buckets (budget envelopes), simulations, what-if scenarios and portfolio management.
Product Review
PMToday Planisware Software Review
We sat down with Steve Coterrell from the PMToday Magazine for an in-depth demonstration and review of our solution.
Driving Successful Change
Change management is a proven key player in limiting the risks inherent to implementing complex change programs and ensuring successful transitions [...]
Considerations for enabling comprehensive Resource Management
With limited or scarce resources, effective resource planning and resource management is very often a major leap forward for many organizations [...]