Portfolio Management

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Strategic planning
What is a strategic roadmap & Why do you need one?
Strategic roadmaps can, among other uses, be a great tool to facilitate communication and alignment around your strategic plan. By offering [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: IT PPM [1/2]
Bring your PPM flow to the next level of efficiency and performance. From portfolio to operations, what can the latest methods in PPM bring [...]
Portfolio Management
Portfolio management: What innovative SMEs and large enterprises can learn from each other
In this video, Planisware Center for Excellence thought leader Mike Wiebe of M.J. & Associates explains some of these challenges and what SMEs [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Webinar: Measuring Product Development Productivity and Performance
Which are the most commonly used metrics for measuring product development performance? What role does R&D strategy play in selecting the appropriate [...]
Portfolio Management
Johanna Dwyer on the challenges of research organizations
R&D-focused organizations are up against significant challenges when selecting the right mix of projects to push forward. Johanna Dwyer discusses [...]
Portfolio Management
Dr. Richard Bayney on Portfolio Optimization
Despite evidence of the superior returns offered by Portfolio Optimization, this technique is still under-utilized by the R&D community. In [...]
Portfolio Management
Building an Effective Enterprise Portfolio Management Process
When considering possible improvements to the management of the R&D portfolio, three questions are often raised: How can we improve innovation [...]
Portfolio Management
Dr Michael Menke on portfolio management and the impact of the PPM Accelerate Benchmark
Ongoing since 2011, the Menke PPM Accelerate Benchmarking Study has been examining high-performing R&D organizations to understand which practices [...]
Stage Gate
Innovation Performance Framework®: The 4 Critical Drivers of Success
Top performing companies are achieving superior product innovation performance results by embracing and excelling in the four key drivers of [...]
Portfolio Management
Critical Best Practices for R&D Portfolio Management, Portfolio selection, Strategic alignment,
Which PPM Best Practices give leading R&D organizations a competitive advantage? In 2011 Michael Menke initiated an ongoing PPM Accelerate [...]