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Case Studies and Testimonials
How the PMO Impressed their Executives (AstraZeneca Interview)
Tom Benedetto addresses the benefits of the Planisware solution (known as "OPAL") at Astra Zeneca that is currently being used by more than [...]
Case Studies and Testimonials
Working Toward Growth Objectives (Milliken Interview)
Chris Wert speaks about the recent roll-out of the Planisware solution (rebranded as “Idea to Market” or I2M) at Milliken & Company and [...]
Planisware's User Summit 2019 will take place in Philadelphia
Planisware User Summit 2015 (North America) Trip Report
200 delegates gathered at Planisware's 2015 User Summit in Philadelphia for 2+ days of learning and sharing PPM know-how.
Product Brochures
Planisware Live (SaaS Solution)
Planisware V6 with the convenience of SaaS delivery.
Planisware's 2015 User Summit (North America)
Planisware's 2015 User Summit kicks off in Philadelphia in April!
Product Demos
Planisware Enteprise Demo: Visualizing Program Performance
Explore how to visualize the components of a program, visualize progress of individual components, and measure the performance of your program [...]
Case Studies and Testimonials
How Airbus improves program performance with Unified Planning
In this short animation film, Airbus illustrates the challenges of coordinating complex new product development programs and the rationale behind [...]
How Airbus uses Planisware for Earned Value Management
In this article, Thomas Hubert, Financial controller at Airbus, offers insights into the working environment and earned value management techniques [...]
Guide to Managing Innovation in the Chemical Industry
Study: Benchmarking R&D Portfolio Management Best Practices
How can you sort through the myriad “best practices” to decide which ones are the most impactful? How do you know where to focus your efforts [...]