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Getting Innovation to Market (Ann Arbor) Trip Report
40 senior NPD and portfolio management professionals met this August in Ann Arbor to discuss innovation challenges and best practices in automotive [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Stage-Gate Success: Mitigating NPD Risk via Predictability
At our Getting Innovation to Summit event, Dr. Ken Huskins and Dr. Klaus Fink shared a case study in which an organization was able to transform [...]
New Product Development
PPM Capabilities to Enhance NPD Results
During our Getting Innovation to Market event in Ann Arbor that focused on challenges in automotive and discrete manufacturing, Michel Delifer [...]
Innovation Through Cross-Thinking
Dr. Kenneth Kahn, Professor of Marketing and Senior Associate Dean at the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) presented [...]
Project Management
When Projects Fail: Managing Innovation Teams
We invited Brad Barbera, Founder and Principal at Pi Innovation LLC and Editor-in-Chief of the Product Development and Management Association [...]
Improving Product Development Efficiency
This August, we invited Bart Huthwaite, author of "Rules of Innovation" and "Lean Design Solution," to discuss his best practice approach for [...]
Case Studies and Testimonials
Structured Innovation is Not an Oxymoron (Ford Technical Development Presentation)
In this presentation Rick Amori, GTDS Tool & Process Supervisor and 6Sigma Deployment Champion within Ford's Research and Engineering organization [...]
Using Planisware to Support Cross-Functional Project Management (Actelion Interview)
During his interview, Hakan Kocabeyoglu revealed how Planisware was selected as a scheduling and a resource management tool for Actelion and [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
More insights by Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
If you enjoyed our video of Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate, then watch the rest of the interview where he discusses [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
We sat down with Dr Cooper last October to ask him about his take on product innovation's issues such as mitigating risks in new product development [...]