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Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Project Selection & Portfolio Optimization
Strategic buckets (budget envelopes), simulations, what-if scenarios and portfolio management.
Product Review
PMToday Planisware Software Review
We sat down with Steve Coterrell from the PMToday Magazine for an in-depth demonstration and review of our solution.
Driving Successful Change
Change management is a proven key player in limiting the risks inherent to implementing complex change programs and ensuring successful transitions [...]
Considerations for enabling comprehensive Resource Management
With limited or scarce resources, effective resource planning and resource management is very often a major leap forward for many organizations [...]
Project Management
WBS and project definition – Balancing needs and capacities
The implementation of PPM software requires a deep understanding of the true requirements of a company’s project management capacities and [...]
Stage Gate
Innovation Performance Framework®: The 4 Critical Drivers of Success
Top performing companies are achieving superior product innovation performance results by embracing and excelling in the four key drivers of [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Stage-Gate Implemented
Explore an implementation of a stage-gate product development process, with flexible gates, a steering committee and reports.
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: The Case for Using Roadmaps
Why, what, when, and how integrated roadmaps can help your organization coordinate portfolios, programs, products according to strategic objectives [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Reducing Errors and Simplifying Simulations in P&L Forecasting (Featuring Activetab)
Organizations create volumes of financial spreadsheets that contain errors that go unnoticed for years. Planisware Enterprise's Activetab uses [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Driving Pro-Active Decisions with PPM Intelligence
Quickly gain access to key information needed to make informed decisions concerning your projects, resources, budgets and portfolios in Planisware [...]