New Product Development

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Stage Gate
White Paper: Agile-Stage-Gate: Dr. Robert Cooper
Scrum, Sprints, Kanban, Niko Niko... It used to be that these words were spoken exclusively within a software development environment, where [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Webinar: Measuring Product Development Productivity and Performance
Which are the most commonly used metrics for measuring product development performance? What role does R&D strategy play in selecting the appropriate [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Building an Innovation Strategy into Your Product Portfolio
A well-defined new product strategy and a specific idea-to-launch process are key for "winning at new products" and creating value through innovation [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Managing High-Tech/IT Products
Why visibility over products will help you improve both your project activities and product development
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Optimize your Product Portfolio with the Efficient Frontier
How do you find the best combination of projects to maximize the value of your product portfolio?
New Product Development
Driving Sustainable Growth By Leveraging Customer Insights
NPD organizations with a B2B market have a distinct advantage: early and cheap access to true customer insights that can help reduce commercial [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Combining Agile and Stage-Gate for New Product Development
A practical example of how Agile techniques can be incorporated within the Stage-Gate Process.
Strategic planning
A Primer for Integrated Roadmapping: An Interview with Ken Huskins
Integrated Roadmapping is often overlooked as a tool for excellence at new product development, yet is so incredibly important to bridge innovation [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Stage-Gate Implemented
Explore an implementation of a stage-gate product development process, with flexible gates, a steering committee and reports.
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Tactical Resource Planning
What does my resource capacity look like? How can I match new requests with expected capacity? Who can we assign this task to?