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Strategic planning
Using Landscape Maps to promote innovation
Landscape maps – like their cousin integrated roadmaps – help us plan and act in unfamiliar areas by providing information to help us make [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Brad Barbera on keeping innovation simple
Brad Barbera, Chief Innovation Strategist and Idea Storyboarder at Pi Innovation LLC, discusses how organizations can keep innovation simple [...]
Portfolio Management
Building an Effective Enterprise Portfolio Management Process
When considering possible improvements to the management of the R&D portfolio, three questions are often raised: How can we improve innovation [...]
Strategic planning
A Primer for Integrated Roadmapping: An Interview with Ken Huskins
Integrated Roadmapping is often overlooked as a tool for excellence at new product development, yet is so incredibly important to bridge innovation [...]
Stage Gate
Innovation Performance Framework®: The 4 Critical Drivers of Success
Top performing companies are achieving superior product innovation performance results by embracing and excelling in the four key drivers of [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
R&D Best Practices: A Study of Top Performers
Which PPM Best Practices give leading R&D organizations a competitive advantage? Michael Menke's ongoing PPM Accelerate Benchmark study was [...]
Project Management
When Projects Fail: Managing Innovation Teams
We invited Brad Barbera, Founder and Principal at Pi Innovation LLC and Editor-in-Chief of the Product Development and Management Association [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
More insights by Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
If you enjoyed our video of Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate, then watch the rest of the interview where he discusses [...]
Product Development & Lifecycle
Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
We sat down with Dr Cooper last October to ask him about his take on product innovation's issues such as mitigating risks in new product development [...]