New Product Development

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Strategic planning
The Power of Integrated Roadmaps
It is well documented that developing and adhering to a long-term strategy is critical to success. But of those companies that do have a long [...]
Case Studies and Testimonials
How Alcon improves its time to market with Planisware
Derek Jessup, Director R&D PPM Systems and Process at Alcon Laboratories explains how Planisware has become a strategic part of Alcon's product [...]
Lean & Agile
Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrids: Combining the Best of Both Systems for Accelerated New-Product Development
The idea of combining Agile and Stage-Gate has been around for quite a few years now, but what have been the actual results for companies which [...]
Planisware Enterprise Borchure
Product Brochures
Brochure: Planisware Enterprise
Download a detailed brochure of Planisware's end-to-end software solution for R&D and new product development.
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Tools to Streamline Portfolio Governance
How Dashboards, Presentations, Meeting Management, and your daily Workbox can help you streamline your portfolio governance processes.
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Planning for Drug Development
Common ways our customers use Planisware to support their drug development planning processes.
Portfolio Management
Portfolio management: What innovative SMEs and large enterprises can learn from each other
In this video, Planisware Center for Excellence thought leader Mike Wiebe of M.J. & Associates explains some of these challenges and what SMEs [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Measuring Product Development Productivity & Performance
Explore how the numerous metrics of R&D, product development, innovation can be connected to build a comprehensive view of a company's Product [...]
Product Demos
Planisware Enterprise Demo: Resource Supply and Demand
Investigating named level resource bottlenecks to supply the right resources to cross-project demands.
Stage Gate
Options thinking for your NPD process
Dr. Kenneth B. Kahn, Interim Dean and Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, presented "Options thinking for your NPD process" at the [...]