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NPD Mini-Series Episode 4: Program Management
Organize and manage cross-project initiatives with Program Management in Planisware Enterprise
Product Demos
Orchestra Introductory Demo
Take control of your project portfolio with Orchestra, Planisware's turnkey solution for collaborative project and portfolio management.
Cross Functional Planning: An Essential for Drug Development
What successful Cross-Functional Planning looks like for Drug Development projects, how to get started, and how to take things to the next level [...]
NPD Mini-Series Episode 3: Idea & Demand Management
See how Planisware facilitates management of project and product requests, enabling you to efficiently prioritize and on-board new work.
Strategic planning
The Power of Integrated Roadmaps
It is well documented that developing and adhering to a long-term strategy is critical to success. But of those companies that do have a long [...]
NPD Mini-Series Episode 2: Hybrid Agile
Learn how Planisware's flexible work processes promote team productivity by meeting the unique needs of each department, while maintaining just [...]
Strategic planning
Using Landscape Maps to promote innovation
Landscape maps – like their cousin integrated roadmaps – help us plan and act in unfamiliar areas by providing information to help us make [...]
Intro to PEX Boot Camp Training
Learn the basics of making Planisware Explorer queries, dashboards, and reports in this intensive 1-day training workshop.
Scheduling Boot Camp Training
This instructor-led 2-day intensive workshop is packed with instruction, use cases and practice exercises that will help you schedule with ease [...]
NPD Mini-Series Episode 1: Stage & Gate
Discover how project managers and teams leverage Planisware to organize and keep up with their work in a rapidly changing environment. See [...]