Lori Lovens

Founder, Innovation Savvy

Lori is a dynamic innovator who has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth for Gatorade and Unilever brands. At Innovation Savvy, she is leading the emerging field of The Human Dynamics of Innovation, delivering insights and ideas that improve the performance and productivity of innovators and teams across all stages of the innovation process.

Her deep understanding of innovation was developed over the past 25 years via immersion in hundreds of projects as team member, project leader, marketing director, innovation coach, consultant and VP Culture of Innovation.

Some organizations impacted by her work include Allstate, Advantage Optics, Nestle, Exelon, ComEd, Siemens, InVision Communications and Transamerica, as well as startups and nonprofits.

Lori earned her MBA from The University of Michigan, is a Kolbe Certified Consultant and is active in the Conscious Capitalism and Art of Hosting communities in Chicago. She is passionate about helping transform how business innovates.

Innovation Savvy partners with startups and innovation leaders to empower innovators and teams to deliver better ideas to market faster.


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