Integrating Planisware into your IT Infrastructure

Planisware features numerous integration points with enterprise third-party solutions, such as ERPs, as well as desktop applications.

Integration at the Corporate Level

Over 80% of Planisware customers have live data integrations with one or more third-party enterprise solutions.

SAP Applications

Planisware features a certified interface with SAP applications. The Planisware connector enables users to access, exchange, and synchronize project, financial, cost, and resource information with any connected SAP application.

Integration with SAP applications is based on Planisware's web service capabilities. When assessed by SAP on its integration capacities, Planisware passed all test cases.

Content Management Systems (CMS) & Document Management Systems (DMS)

Planisware has productized connectors with several documentation systems such as EMC Documentum. These integrations feature transparent document management, where documents can be uploaded, updated, and tracked directly from either system.

Planisware also provides pre-packaged tools to help integrate our PPM software with third party CMS solutions and ensure that documents and status information are passed seamlessly from one system to another, gaining maximum benefit from CMS collaboration capabilities.

Agile Solutions

Planisware integrates with specialized software such as RallyDev for advanced Agile management. When product managers update project and release information within Planisware, the data is synchronized on-demand or in real-time on the Agile side.

In turn, details provided by developers at the sprint or story level within the agile software are consolidated back into Planisware. Product managers and developers communicate effortlessly while still utilizing their preferred system of record.

Other Integration Points and APIs

Other integration points include: 

  • Interfaces using
    • RESTful APIs (XML & JSON),
    • webservices as a client or server (SOAP protocol) to any third party application / service, ERP, EAI.
  • Complete API to all Planisware objects
  • XML exchange across heterogeneous Planisware instances
  • Authentification: OpenLDAP, ActiveDirectory, SiteMinder, Kerberos...

Integration at the Desktop Level

Office Software

  • Connectors with Microsoft Excel (2003 and up)
  • Structured Microsoft Word document import
  • Export to Microsoft PowerPoint (editable format)
  • Publication feeds (RSS format)

Other Project Management Software

  • Microsoft Project
  • Oracle Primavera
  • XML Export