Idea Management

Capture ideas & requests, then make sure you detect and select the best opportunities out of them

Within any company, a great deal of potential for innovation and problem solving can come from the minds of employees. Executing idea campaigns to harness this potential can help maximize profit, steer strategy down the right path for sustainable success, and also boost morale and productivity when participants know that their ideas are being heard and actively evaluated.

The Ideation Portal in Planisware enables your organization to collect ideas to nourish the pipeline and answer customer demands in a single system. When your organization initiates an idea campaign in Planisware, powerful features enable users to submit ideas, contribute opinions and collaborate on posted ideas, and vote on ideas - providing you insight into trending demands.

Once ideas have been collected, an ideation workflow supports a consistent evaluation process, routing ideas to the appropriate idea moderator(s), who can request more information, reject or promote the idea or a set of ideas to become a project proposal (i.e. a potential project within the system). Several ideas can be merged into one proposal, or one idea may be split into several proposals. Proposals may have interdependencies, which can be tracked and managed.

A multi-user scoring engine allows ideas to be assessed by the right people, and for the assessments to be accorded the correct weight.

Each idea is tracked throughout its lifecycle so that the originating submitter can get feedback on his or her contributions and rewarded for their input, encouraging future contribution.