When Projects Fail: Managing Innovation Teams
We invited Brad Barbera, Founder and Principal at Pi Innovation LLC and Editor-in-Chief of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) managerial magazine, Visions, to share some best practices on managing innovation teams at our Getting Innovation to Market regional event in Ann Arbor August 2015. This is what he presented.

Effective, engaged teams are critical for the success of innovation projects. However, not all projects are successful, even when the team performs well.

Research in behavioral and cognitive science shows what motivates people to work creatively and collaboratively and on the other hand, just how demotivating a project cancellation or failure can be.

The After Action Review (AAR) is a tool the military uses to help teams work effectively. It has many benefits, especially for maximizing organizational learning and addressing post-failure motivation. Its application can be found helpful for a variety of product and project based organizations - yet outside of the military, it is rarely used.

In his presentation,Brad Barbera shared the key tenets of the AAR, along with tips to guide AAR reviews.

*In the video, feel free to follow along with Brad's exercise - if you'd like to skip it, jump past the first 10 minutes and you can also finish 5 minutes early.

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