Using Landscape Maps to promote innovation
Landscape maps – like their cousin integrated roadmaps – help us plan and act in unfamiliar areas by providing information to help us make decisions.

As organizations turn their attention to innovation as a strategic imperative, they are realizing they need to adapt the planning and project management processes that were honed to support their more routine developments; processes that more often inhibit rather than promote innovation.

One of the critical parts of such an innovation friendly toolkit is a robust roadmapping process. One that not only lays out chosen development paths, but more importantly, one that organizes the diverse information on emerging needs, technologies and the external environment into a manageable framework that facilitates planning the front end of innovation.

The landscape roadmap is one of those tools.

Table of contents

1. Landscape maps vs. Route maps

Customer Focused Technology Planning (CFTP)

2. Planning and level of uncertainty

  1. Planning under conditions of certainty
  2. Planning under conditions of uncertainty
  3. Avoid being overwhelmed

Using NOMMAR™ to Build a Business Case and Review Projects

3. Landscape Maps and the CFTP planning framework

  1. The focus is on thinking not forms
  2. Planning Using the landscape map

4. Keys to making good Landscape Maps