Stage-Gate Success: Mitigating NPD Risk via Predictability
At our Getting Innovation to Summit event, Dr. Ken Huskins and Dr. Klaus Fink shared a case study in which an organization was able to transform their NPD process and achieve higher project on-time completion rates, better alignment among team members, and increased overall pipeline value.


This presentation describes a real company case study where NPD chaos was replaced with significantly positive NPD outcomes.

Before the transformation, the company was suffering from late projects to market, mistakes resulting in re-work, and incomplete coordination and visibility. These symptoms were attributable to too many projects for the available resources, Executive-forced, unrealistic timelines, and insufficient upfront market sizing verification and supply chain rigor.

The organization adopted best-practice Stage-Gate® process governance to achieve predictable NPD project cycle times and optimized pipelines. In this presentation, Dr. Huskins and Dr. Fink describe the high value actions that they took to achieve such results.