An Executive’s Action Plan for Enterprise Agile Transformation & Sustainment

How do you prepare for Enterprise Agile? What techniques should you use to ensure that you become and remain a truly Agile enterprise?

In this white paper, Matt Light, Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, with Planisware, examines the key elements that make a successful Enterprise Agile transformation. He looks at the state of Enteprise Agile and Lean, why the Agile Change Team is an essential part of the process, and common techniques for successful Agile Transformations.


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Table of contents

1. The Third-Wave: Enterprise Agile

2. “ACT” via an Agile Change Team

  1. The Executive Champion Inspires the Enterprise Agile Initiative
  2. Cultivating the Agile Enterprise: “Everyone’s Job” – But Whose Accountability?
  3. Sustain Transformation via the Agile Change Team

3. A Flexible Approach to Enterprise Agile: Wrong, but Useful

4. Common Techniques in Enterprise Agile

  1. Shared Direction
  2. Visual Controls
  3. Stand-up Meetings
  4. Executive Stand-Ups (and Sit-Downs)
  5. Program Increment Planning
  6. Reflect & Study Workshop
  7. Rapid Improvement Event
  8. Stop and Look
  9. Root Cause Analysis

5. Sustainment

  1. Leaders’ Standard Work
  2. Tuning the Enterprise Agile Engine