Part 2: Critical Best Practices for R&D Portfolio Management, Portfolio selection, Strategic alignment
Which PPM Best Practices give leading R&D organizations a competitive advantage? In 2011 Michael Menke initiated an ongoing PPM Accelerate Benchmark to study which PPM best practices leading R&D organizations were addressing, and which ones are being done well. In this video, Dr. Menke sheds light on some findings.

This is the 2nd of a two part series on the results of Michael Menke's research into the best practices of PPM.

In this video, Dr. Menke synthesizes the data from the study and reveals key insights within 3 critical objectives:

  • Strategic alignment, strategic balance and maximum return
  • Portfolio selection
  • Managing aggregate resources 

This video includes case studies from exemplary organizations and concludes with general recommendations for organizations with different levels of PPM maturity.

Watch the first video, "R&D Best Practices: A Study of Top Performers", for a more in-depth study of the framework and raw results of the survey.