Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrids: Combining the Best of Both Systems for Accelerated New-Product Development

Robert Cooper: the idea of combining Agile and Stage-Gate has been around for quite a few years now, but what have been the actual results for companies which have implemented hybrid methodologies?

In this white paper, Robert G. Cooper, the creator of the Stage-Gate® process, looks into the origins of hybrid methods, and what results look like in the real world.

As he explains, " A handful of leading and early adopters, such as Honeywell, LEGO, Tetra Pak, and Procter & Gamble are experimenting with the new Agile-Stage-Gate approach, and are achieving very positive results. Indeed, this new Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid approach promises to be the most significant change to our thinking about how new product development should be done since the introduction of today’s popular gating systems thirty years ago!"


1. Agile for Software Development

2. Blending Agile and Stage-Gate For Manufactured New Products

3. Results in Practice

4. An Illustration: Agile-Stage-Gate in the US Electronics Sector

5. Why Agile-Stage-Gate Works

  1.  Agile-Stage-Gate deals with Uncertainty and Validates Assumptions for Very Innovative Projects

  2.  Agile-Stage-Gate is adaptive – Deals with Changing Requirements

  3.  Agile-Stage-Gate focuses Teams, Accelerates Development, Improves Communication

Stage-Gate® is a registered trademark of Stage-Gate Inc.