Laurent Mengual

Laurent Mengual is the co-founder of Prodecys, industry leading project management specialists.

Laurent dedicated the first part of his career to R&D in the Pharmaceutical indutry, meaning his expertise has been influenced by an industry with long, complex and expensive projects that tend to carry high levels of risk.


Passionate about the role of the PMO (Project Management Office) in the company, he decided to create Prodecys®, in order to support organizations in their operation-in-project mode. Laurent has participated in the implementation of several PMO organizations internationally, following integration and acquisition projects in the pharmaceutical sector.



Prodecys take an unbiased, fact-based approach to understanding the ins and outs of your project management activities to equip you with key observations, solutions, and recommendations that address your business’s unique challenges and needs. The outcome of this work can include:



● The development of a personalized assessment rubric relevant to your organization
● A thorough analysis that “scores” your organization against key success metrics
● A recap report based on interviews with key stakeholders
● Final recommendations that align to identified areas for improvement