Your project portfolio at your fingertips! Discover Orchestra 7.0

The Planisware team is pleased to announce the release of Orchestra 7.0, which combines a new user experience along with increased efficiency features - improving the adoption of Orchestra for all users.

1. Find the right information – quicker: The user experience within Orchestra 7.0 solution has been fully revamped to highlight key indicators, display quick action buttons, and allow for swift navigation between pages. The modernized main menu allows you to optimise navigation within the tool, while enlarging the visualization of your project data.

Want to discover the new Orchestra 7 interface? Take a look on our YouTube channel.


2. Improved search and analysis capability: A new personal filter system is now available on all lists and search pages. These filters can be shared with other users for quick access to the most important information, while an advanced mode allows you to create, save and share more complex searches.


3. Quickly plan and simulate your investment portfolio: Orchestra 7.0 offers a new all-in-one interface in which you can outline your financial plans by fiscal year, evaluate your capacity planning, and simulate different planning scenarios within your portfolio.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team for a personalised V7 demo!