Resource management in Orchestra: The right person at the right time

Improving team and resource management is a key aspect of improving project execution.


Improving resource management requires developing real-time consolidated visibility over:
• your resources, their skills and availability,
• the needs of your projects, their timeline and requirements,
• and resource commitments, i.e. which resources have already been matched with which project need

A project management tool such as Planisware Orchestra provides this view not only for you as a resource manager, but also for the wider team in your organisation.

You will boost the efficiency of your portfolio. Successful project management is first and foremost a matter of team management and resource management. The key to success is having a reliable and real-time view of the activities and the capacity of your resources. It's the only way to get the right resources, the right projects, the right time. By trusting the Planisware Orchestra project management software we can adapt the project schedule according to the real capacity of its resources. That's how you make sure you have the right resources at the right time. All the actors of the project share the same tool by controlling in real time the activity of the teams with a good management of the resources. Simple, fast and effective!