Deliver more features with Lean Product Development

One of the major frustrations in New Product Development is when teams don't release features at the speed at which they should do.

Lean Product Development: deliver more features! 


This is precisely the issue that is at the heart of Lean Product Development, i.e. Lean principles applied to New Product Development. As Johanna Rothman recently explained in a keynote speech at the Planisware User Summit in Paris, “Lean for knowledge work is not about repeatable process that Lean for manufacturing is. It is removing waste, but the waste is in the time, not in the steps that people do.”


In her 25 minute talk, she demonstrates how common management beliefs such as the idea that “resources should be use 100%” or that “people work alone” can throw off your Product Development process, and how the concept of flow efficiency can put it back on the right track.

To remove the limitations created by such outdated beliefs, she proposes five ideas that aim to shift management’s mindset to one where the whole organization wins:

  1. Create a management team with organization-wide goals
  2. Visualize the work and your bottlenecks
  3. Measure throughput
  4. Retrospect and improve
  5. Model the culture changes

Watch the whole keynote on the Planisware Hub!