Best of PPM: Summer 2022

Welcome to the Summer edition of the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief. We hope you are all keeping safe and cool (and well informed thanks to our link roundup!)


Digital Transformation isn’t what you think. The real competitive edge lies in “Interactive Data”, i.e. data which allows unrelated objects to suddenly become relevant to each other. (2 min read)

To quickly infiltrate a large company, find its islands of innovation. Existing departments/groups — not individuals — that are already accelerating mission/delivering innovative products/services at high speed are the real centers of innovation. (7 min read)

Now is the time to turn your PMO into a profit centre. In the midst of recession and poor economic outlook, many PMO directors automatically accept that they will have manage increased workload with a reduced head count. However, it is precisely during such periods of adversity that the PMO can discard its image as a cost centre and recast the organization into a profit centre. (5 min read)

Listening to your customers does not stop when the conversation ends. Product managers need to talk to customers, but customers won't necessarily tell you what they want. If you listen carefully, you can learn much more than what they actually say. (7 min read)

There are 4 types of business transformation. To understand which approach you’ll need to take, ask yourself two questions: 1) Is your transformation driven by internal needs or external forces? 2) Does it need to happen quickly, or do you have more time to transform? (8 min read)

Coaching can be a very powerful leadership style. In the process of encouraging employees to think for themselves, not only do we get access to great ideas, we also cultivate autonomy, growth and confidence. That’s what workers want. (7 min read)

How do you showcase your projects on your CV to make your profile stand out? Elizabeth Harrin walks us through the things to consider and the steps to take to put our best foot — errr... project — first... (11 min read)

It's all about negative feedback. Is negative feedback good or evil? Answer: Good!... Really? Yes, 'negative' is good. (3 min read)



The difference between a million and a billion is counter-intuitively large. As an example, a million seconds is 12 days, and a billion seconds is 32 years.
I had to look it up to confirm. That's bonkers.

— Daniel Miessler via Musings on Project Management