Best of PPM: September 2021

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How many people are really needed in a transformation? New research by McKinsey suggest that 7% of employees owning part of the transformation is the tipping point from which positive change starts to escalate. (13 min read)

KPIs aren’t just about assessing past performance. Many companies track KPIs as a way of predicting performance.  To really exploit the predictive power of KPIs, though, you need to map how the KPIs for your key stakeholders feed into each other and ultimately into financial performance. (5 min read)

Two years with SAFe — this is what stands out. Fredrik Carleson reflects on two years of working as a Lean-Agile Leader and Business Owner in a large SAFe implementation. The result? A carrot-chocolate-cream-cheese-blueberry-lemon-candy-crust-frozen-meat cake. (9 min read)

Effective innovation begins with strategic direction. Improving returns from your innovation efforts requires knowing the type of change you want to achieve. (9 min read)

So you hired a consultant. Here’s how to get your money’s worth. Three ways to get the most out of your engagement with internal or external advisors. (5 min read)

Excellent product organizations need high quality conversations between leadership and product teams. But how can you improve them? Marty Cagan and Jon Moore share 15 key principles that can help guide constructive and effective interactions. (7 min read)

A different way to tackle complexity with Scrum: Fluid teams. Fluid teams organize themselves based on the work at hand. From a larger, stable and cohesive team, they form smaller teams each Sprint to maximize their effectiveness. Willem-Jan Ageling explains how that works in practice using a challenging product journey as example. (8 min read)

The 4 tiers of digital transformation. Companies often assume that if they embrace digital technology in any way, they’re digitally transforming their business. But there is a lot more to digital transformation than that. (7 min read)

How can you help your product managers stick to the right priorities? A product manager's job is not to prioritize between things that are important and unimportant, but between things that are all very important. Here are three ways you can help them. (7 min read)

How to say “No” after saying “Yes”. Whether you have overbooked yourself, realized you have a conflict, or otherwise can’t or don’t want to participate in a project, it’s essential to uncommit gracefully. (5 min read)



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