Best of PPM: March 2021

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The first Quarter of 2021 ended with a bunch of interesting topics ranging from Digital Transformation to Innovation and implementing Agile.


A classic mistake when implementing Agile? Staffing agile teams only with stars. Instead, tap “hidden stars,” who will be less overloaded, for Agile initiatives, and then identify and reach out to highly connected potential resources who can bring in expertise as needed. (14 min read)

Ecosystems are an exciting phenomenon of the 21st century, but sometimes, having a map helps... It is not enough to say that you want to build an ecosystem; you need to understand its components and what business problem it will solve. (5 min read)

WSJF is nonesense. Michael Küsters unpicks the hidden assumptions behing the Weighted Shortest Job First approach to prioritizing, and concludes that WSJF relies on error-prone assumptions, and exacerbates any error we make in the process. (6 min read)

Middle management is more consistently aligned with the C-suite’s views than upper management. Almost a third of the people closest to the C-suite are either Change Resistant or Disaffected. Expecting upper management to fall in line is therefore a recipe for change management failure. (10 min read)

Are you digitizing or doing a Digital Transformation? The former is mostly about enabling business as usual and “staying in the game,” while the latter is about building real, long-term competitive advantage to succeed.                   (8 min read)

The 5 Immutable Laws Of Change. Despite starting out with very different challenges, philosophies and personalities, successful change agents eventually all arrive at the same principles that allowed them to prevail.       (7 min read)

The lowest hanging fruit in the innovation world is in understanding trends and understanding what those trends mean. The problem? In most businesses, nobody cares about the future – it is no one's responsibility or job.             (8 min read)

How can you encourage your team to take more risks? (because sometimes that’s what you need to do to win) Noa Ganot looks at three ways you can help your team get better at this important soft skill. (9 min read)

Developers are not the only ones who can benefit from pairing techniques – so can managers. Peer cohort can be a great way to leverage collaborative work, especially for faster decision-making. (2 min read)


There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes."

— Richard Buckminster Fuller (US engineer and architect, 1895-1983) courtesy of the Herding Cats