Best of PPM: June 2020

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Delegation is overrated. Just learning how to hand out work won’t necessarily make your team more successful. But learning to lean on your team will.  (4 min read)

Less is more for scaling Agile. Adding processes, tools, and layers to manage scale leads to eroded team engagement. To go big, we will be more successful if we first go small.  (9 min read)

When filling an R&D gap, licencing new tech can be better. Research shows that rather than innovating from scratch in house or partnering with others in strategic alliances, the most effective solution may be to buy access to an already existing technology and incorporate it into your R&D.  (5 min read)

Stop Preparing For The Last Disaster. The same disasters seldom occur twice in a row. A more effective approach is simply to prepare to be surprised by life, instead of expecting the past to repeat itself.  (5 min read)

To drive change forward, learn to leverage your opposition. Those that oppose us often feel just as passionately about their cause as we do ours. We overcome opposition not by overpowering it, but through identifying shared values and attracting others to our side.  (6 min read)

It's time to design a better hiring process. The classic "strength and weaknesses" conversation fails to reveal sufficient information about a candidate's competencies. Given how expensive hiring is, it's worth taking the time to design a new process that generates more insights into interviewees’ skills. (11 min read)

Families too can benefit from Agile methodologies. Weekly "stand-up meetings" with your children and significant other can be a real eye opener into what matters for your family and how you can help it grow. (7 min read)



"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
— Alvin Toffler

Courtesy of Vikas Agarwal for Serious Scrum