Best of PPM: January 2020

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The passing of the "Gentle Giant of Innovation". Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor world famous for his theory of "disruptive innovation", passed away on the 23rd of January. Beyond a rich legacy of thought-provoking insights on innovation (but not only), he will be remembered for the strong personal impact he had on the people who knew him.

Collaborative contracts can help large capital projects improve their cost and schedule performance (by as much as 15 to 20%). However, despite encouraging initial results, the industry remains hesitant, likely as a result of entrenched old habits and lack of familiarity with these alternative contract structures.

You don't necessarily need a methodology to scale Agile. A lot of the most common reasons for using scaling frameworks (including SAFe) can be effectively addressed using Scrum.

Supply chain risk management is back. Faced with a significant increase in disruptive events, companies are reassessing their supply-chain strategies to make them more resilient.

A strictly Agile approach based on Scrum does not make sense for hardware. The costs of delivery and change of hardware products make classic Agile approaches prohibitively expensive.

To build your company's adaptability, kill these 12 enemies. By tackling the things that hinder your organisation's ability to adapt internally, you can pave the way to developing its external adaptability.

Building bonds between teammates is key to creating highly functioning teams. These 25 questions can help break the ice, and jumpstart the process of knowing your colleagues better.

A career in Product Management can be surprisingly versatile. For one Project Manager, that includes teaching him everything he needed to know about wilderness survival.

There is such a thing as trying too hard. The standard way of learning encourages us to "Try harder". But that is neither the most enjoyable nor the most efficient way of learning. Non-judgemental observation of the way things are is a much more effective way to start the learning cycle.

Unresponsive project stakeholders are a common challenger for project managers. In this article, Kiron Bondale offers perspective on why certain stakeholders may become unresponsive, and how to handle them.



"You are nothing without your team.
Give your teams room to grow. Don't micromanage. Be sure to always give the credit. And always accept all the blame."

- Greg Hahn, I Took the Anna Wintour Creative Leadership MasterClass So You Don't Have To - 6 lessons from the Vogue editor's approach