Best of PPM: February 2021

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February was an exceptional month, with Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon's CEO, governments racing to vaccinate people, and widespread discussions on the future of innovation.


The U.S. exits the top ten of the most innovative economies. Bloomberg's 2021 Innovation Index reflects a world where the fight against Covid-19 has brought innovation to the fore – from government efforts to contain the pandemic, to the digital infrastructure that’s allowed economies to work through it, and the race to develop vaccines that can end it. (9 min read)

Why You Need a ‘Challenge Network’. Success often comes from surrounding ourselves with “disagreeable” people – skeptics who can point out blind spots, question assumptions and help us overcome our weaknesses.
(7 min read)

Need additional resources? Frame your request from your boss' point of view. When it comes to asking for additional resources, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting a “yes”. (7 min read)

The three Core Elements of an Innovation Ecosystem. Innovation ecosystem = Explore portfolio + Innovation programs + Exploration culture. (3 min read)

Ten years of Product Management wisdom, distilled. Luke Cogdon shares his selection of the best articles about Product Management collected over the last 10 years, along with a short summary of the key takeaways.
(9 min read)

Are you doing the SWOT analysis backwards? By turning the SWOT analysis it on its head, you can conduct a better analysis that can result in more actionable strategic recommendations. (9 min read)

When a Leader Like Bezos Steps Down, Can Innovation Keep Up? To sustain innovation after a visionary founder turns over the reins, give people throughout the organization the license to innovate. (5 min read)

How to build a collaborative plan in 7 steps. A surprisingly large number of project leaders (including veterans) do not plan in a truly collaborative manner, and doing so lose the benefits of stronger commitment from their teams.
(5 min read)


In a sense, KPIs are God’s gift to bureaucracy. They help perpetuate it and create endless justifications for it. It is work, feeding on work, and creating more work, while serving no external purpose."

— Steve Denning, Why KPIs Don’t Work; And How To Fix Them (Forbes)