Best of PPM: December 2020

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Our sincere wishes for a Happy (or maybe just Quieter) New Year! And how better to start the year than with a brand new edition of the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief?


You're only as good as your worst day. It’s easy to look good when everything goes according to plan and circumstances are calm. Watching what happens during a downswing is far more instructive. (8 min read)

Finding the sweet spot in product portfolio management. It’s more urgent than ever to rebalance product portfolios so that complexity creates value rather than destroying it. Here’s how. (15 min read)

If you plan on asking an outside innovation consultant for help... Ask the person asking you to locate an outside consultant to answer the following questions. (4 min read)

Covid-19 vaccine trials are a case study on the challenges of data literacy. It’s dangerously easy to misinterpret data, especially when it’s reported in percentages rather than absolute numbers. The Covid-19 vaccine trials provide three valuable lessons for managers who want to develop their quantitative intuition: Be wary of big data. Be wary of precision. And beware of post-diction. (11 min read)

When collaboration fails, and how to fix it. Using organizational network analysis (ONA) to study groups across industries and geographies, researchers identified 6 types of collaborative dysfunctions and suggest ways to fix them. (30 min read)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) does not equate to being "nice". 25 years later, people still misunderstand the EI framwork, and this can get them into trouble. (9 min read)



A few decades ago, companies could build a strong business model and apply it more or less unchanged for years. In that era, resilience was based on stability and competitive barriers to entry. … Resilience now depends on rapid and effective adaptation to change.
― David J. Teece, Paul G. Raspin, and David R. Cox in “Plotting Strategy in a Dynamic World”
courtesy of MIT Sloan Review