Best of PPM: April 2022

Welcome to the April edition of the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief! This month we tackle agile maturity, strategic anchors and digitalization as business model innovation.


How do you measure Agile Maturity? Measuring Agile boils down to two main questions: Are we delivering more value? Are we improving the way we deliver value? (7 min read)

To create clarity and focus, find your strategic anchors. Studies of great entrepreneurs and masterminds have shown over and over that constraints are actually key to success. Strategic anchors is one way of materialising them. (7 min read)

Digital transformations run the risk of overfocusing on technology. To counter this imbalance, think of digitalization as business model innovation rather than technology-related change. And map it as such. (11 min read)

For change management, it's not just about what you say but who is saying it. People at all levels of the organization are better suited to different types of messages. A key question to ask is: who will people most listen to? (8 min read)

Why there are still so many bad product companies? Especially when the best are also the most valuable companies in the world. Marty Cagan continues his breakdown of Steve Jobs' lost interview in search for an answer. (4 min read)

Correlation is not causation, but overlooking useful patterns is a wasted opportunity. The truth is, there are times when a correlation is not only sufficient, but is exactly what is needed. (9 min read)

CFOs play a critical role in innovation. As the resource gatekeeper, the CFO is often perceived as Mr. or Ms. No—the key skeptic innovation teams must win over. However, the finance chief can also be innovation’s most important enabler. (13 min read)

Slack (no, not that Slack) is essential to being productive, innovative, and focused. Building breathing space into your work flows allows you to build trust by enabling teams to take changes in their stride, and become more resilient. (5 min read)

Not all resistance to change is equal. We need to learn to recognize different kinds of resistance so that we can address genuine issues. (7 min read)

Creating people-centric international organizations with AI. The United Nations is both a fascinating playground for artificial intelligence applications and a showcase of AI implementation problems and solutions. (8 min read)



Whatever problems you have, the solutions already exist. Finding them may be a challenge. And you probably won’t like them when you do.

Bob Marshall