5 top articles about large-scale construction and engineering projects (Fall 2020)
Every month in the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief, we share with you our top pick of content about Project & Portfolio management. This time, we wanted to focus on an industry that designs and executes some of the most fascinating projects worldwide: the large-scale engineering and construction sector. Read on for our top 5 content pieces about megaprojects in 2020.


Infrastructure industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been better than expected. But keeping projects moving will require agility and a healthy appetite for challenge.

The greatest threat to successful large-scale projects is the lack of effective, active stakeholder engagement. Primary stakeholders play a crucial role by ensuring that their projects represent viable investments from the onset, and maintaining adequate involvement and oversight during planning and execution.

The difference between successful and broken megaprojects? A culture that encourages bad news. As explains Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg in this podcast episode.

American transportation is poisoned by a broken algorithm. Travel Demand Modelling uses a four step process to (attempt to) predict what traffic will look like in 20 years. But TDM “is only a computational convenience that is not behavioral and does not reflect how traveler decisions are actually made.”

The large scale project industry has some of the coolest YouTube channels out there. Here are two that caught our eye:



“Many organizations are having to juggle two distinct time horizons, considering what they need to do to manage through the crisis to keep assets and projects moving but also what the long term looks like.”
— Ehren Cory, president and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario at the sixth Global (and virtual) Infrastructure Initiative Summit


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