5 Reasons to rethink your technology roadmap

Read on for 5 reasons why it pays to rethink your technology roadmap, and how our Roadmapping Masterclass can help your organisation.

1. You’ll stay ahead of the competition
As rapid advancements in technologies such as AI, machine learning, and robotics are enabling breakthrough development opportunities, having a robust roadmap is critical. Staying ahead of the curve means these opportunities and threats will not pass you by in favour of the competition.

2. You can future-proof your decisions
It can be difficult to know which strategic initiatives need to be taken to ‘future-proof’ your organisation.
By using a model such as the proven Customer Focused Technology Planning (CFTP™) framework, you can determine which emerging technologies and ideas are likely to yield the highest returns. You can create one, three and five-year plans to integrate new technology platforms into your company’s strategic plans.

3. It keeps you focused on long term goals
Perhaps you find that your project execution is great, but you’re unsure whether your project managers are always working on the right things. Or maybe you find that longer-term innovation investments are being diverted by short-term pressures.
A strong roadmap template will ensure the focus remains firmly on identifying the right projects to deliver, and aligning their value to the product portfolio.

4. It helps to gain buy-in
Having a clear systems roadmap will demonstrate to all decision makers in the organisation how technology and product developments relate to and support your overall strategy. It opens up the purpose of new technology to those the wider business, making its value clear and accessible.
Most importantly, it’s a great way to gain funding, resources, and buy-in from a high-level.

5. You can optimise your resources for the future
A roadmap will provide you with a process that instantly flags any potential opportunities (or risks) in your organisation’s resource plan, which can be revisited over time. Better organisation, more efficiency and optimised costs!

If you think you could add value to your business with a new roadmapping process, join Planisware’s Roadmapping Masterclass in partnership with innovation and technology expert, Dr. Jay Paap. 16-17th October in London.

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