Strategic planning
The Power of Integrated Roadmaps
It is well documented that developing and adhering to a long-term strategy is critical to success. But of those companies that do have a long [...]
Portfolio Management
10 practical tips to rationalize your portfolio in times of uncertainty
Our current unprecedented times are also times of unprecedented uncertainty. Economic and market landscapes are almost unrecognizable compared [...]
Project Management
The 6 Project Portfolio Management Trends That Went Mainstream in the 2010’s: Part One
The first of a two-part series overview of PPM trends that still shape project management today. This week: Trends 1 to 3
Resource management
Why does my 10-day task take 62 days to perform?
When planning resources for a project, a resource’s time available is seldom 5-days-a-week, 8-hours-a-day of continuous productive work. [...]
Project Management
Stakeholder biases: Why project context matters
Most project managers know and can cite the definition of project management, yet as evidenced by their project documents, discussions, and [...]
The PMO Mandate: A key to building a successful PMO
Project management offices (PMOs) of all shapes and sizes can play a significant role in ensuring that the strategies of the organizations they [...]
Strategic planning
Using Landscape Maps to promote innovation
Landscape maps – like their cousin integrated roadmaps – help us plan and act in unfamiliar areas by providing information to help us make [...]
Strategic planning
What is a strategic roadmap & Why do you need one?
Strategic roadmaps can, among other uses, be a great tool to facilitate communication and alignment around your strategic plan. By offering [...]
Agile & Lean
Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrids: Combining the Best of Both Systems for Accelerated New-Product Development
The idea of combining Agile and Stage-Gate has been around for quite a few years now, but what have been the actual results for companies which [...]
Matt Light presenting at an event
Agile & Lean
An Executive’s Action Plan for Enterprise Agile Transformation & Sustainment.
How do you prepare for Enterprise Agile? What techniques should you use to ensure that you become and remain a truly Agile enterprise?
Johanna Rothman presenting at the Planisware User Summit
Agile & Lean
Lean Product Development: Resource management vs. Flow efficiency
In New Product Development, the ability to deliver projects quickly and on budget is critical to success. Which is why inaccurate estimates [...]
Agile & Lean
Nudging for Organizational Change and Business Agility: A new Role for the PMO
Today’s change is unlike the change of the past. It’s more emergent, complex, faster-paced, and spans all organizational functions and disciplines. [...]
Portfolio Management
Portfolio management: What innovative SMEs and large enterprises can learn from each other
In this video, Planisware Center for Excellence thought leader Mike Wiebe of M.J. & Associates explains some of these challenges and what SMEs [...]
Agile & Lean
Scaling Agile: How to measure progress? with Johanna Rothman
Why is velocity such a problematic measure of progress? What are the classic mistakes people make when thinking about Agile Program metrics? [...]
Product Development
Webinar: Measuring Product Development Productivity and Performance
Which are the most commonly used metrics for measuring product development performance? What role does R&D strategy play in selecting the appropriate [...]
Agile & Lean
Interview: Scaling Agile with Johanna Rothman
Today, Agile methodologies are commonly used for projects, especially in technology/IT. But what about applying them at a program/enterprise [...]
Portfolio Management
Johanna Dwyer on the challenges of research organizations
R&D-focused organizations are up against significant challenges when selecting the right mix of projects to push forward. Johanna Dwyer discusses [...]
Product Development
Brad Barbera on keeping innovation simple
Brad Barbera, Chief Innovation Strategist and Idea Storyboarder at Pi Innovation LLC, discusses how organizations can keep innovation simple [...]
Portfolio Management
Dr. Richard Bayney on Portfolio Optimization
Despite evidence of the superior returns offered by Portfolio Optimization, this technique is still under-utilized by the R&D community. In [...]
Portfolio Management
Building an Effective Enterprise Portfolio Management Process
When considering possible improvements to the management of the R&D portfolio, three questions are often raised: How can we improve innovation [...]
Strategic planning
A Primer for Integrated Roadmapping: An Interview with Ken Huskins
Integrated Roadmapping is often overlooked as a tool for excellence at new product development, yet is so incredibly important to bridge innovation [...]
Portfolio Management
Dr Michael Menke on portfolio management and the impact of the PPM Accelerate Benchmark
Ongoing since 2011, the Menke PPM Accelerate Benchmarking Study has been examining high-performing R&D organizations to understand which practices [...]
Portfolio Management
Critical Best Practices for R&D Portfolio Management, Portfolio selection, Strategic alignment,
Which PPM Best Practices give leading R&D organizations a competitive advantage? In 2011 Michael Menke initiated an ongoing PPM Accelerate [...]
Product Development
R&D Best Practices: A Study of Top Performers
Which PPM Best Practices give leading R&D organizations a competitive advantage? Michael Menke's ongoing PPM Accelerate Benchmark study was [...]
Product Development
Stage-Gate Success: Mitigating NPD Risk via Predictability
At our Getting Innovation to Summit event, Dr. Ken Huskins and Dr. Klaus Fink shared a case study in which an organization was able to transform [...]
Project Management
When Projects Fail: Managing Innovation Teams
We invited Brad Barbera, Founder and Principal at Pi Innovation LLC and Editor-in-Chief of the Product Development and Management Association [...]
Product Development
More insights by Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
If you enjoyed our video of Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate, then watch the rest of the interview where he discusses [...]
Product Development
Dr Robert Cooper on Innovation and the Future of Stage-Gate
We sat down with Dr Cooper last October to ask him about his take on product innovation's issues such as mitigating risks in new product development [...]