Exchange 2021 Autumn edition is a virtual immersive, interactive experience gathering 800+ PPM & IT Professionals from the world's largest companies, with over 30 sessions and countless networking opportunities, including connecting with others in our new online community. 

 Exchange21 take place online end of November (More info are to come). Attendees of the virtual experience will use a virtual platform which allows them to view keynote sessions, webinars, exhibition booths and interact with the exhibitors via Audio/Video calls and Chat options.

 We encourage anyone who has an interest in project portfolio management, IT and engineering to attend the Exchange21 Autumn Edition. You will be able to meet the professionals from the world's largest companies, thought leaders, Planisware partners and Planisware experts. 

 As an attendee of Exchange21, you are provided with the latest information on Planisware products, networking opportunities and best practises. Exchange Autumn 2021 will help you connect with Planisware experts and community which gather 800+ PPM & IT Professionals from the world's largest companies.

 There are 2 official languages for the event, these are French and English. While the majority of the sessions are in English, we also organize sessions in French.

 By signing the Terms & Conditions of the event, accessible here, you give the consent so that:

      Planisware acts as the administrator of your personal data.  For the purpose of administering your participation in the Event, Planisware may disclose your personal data to third party service providers who assist in the conduct of the Event. In addition to the above, with your consent Planisware may also disclose your personal data to Partners and Event participants to facilitate networking during the event but will do so solely in compliance with applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy.

      Planisware will share only personal data such as: First and Last Name, Job Title, Company and Email address

      Data collected for commercial prospecting is retained up to 3 years. Sensitive personal data you may have provided for the safe organization of the event is not shared with Partners or Event Attendees and is collected by Planisware only for a maximum of 2 months after such event.

 There is an opportunity to indicate special dietary restrictions during the registration process. Please note that Planisware will do everything in it’s power to accommodate restrictions and allergies.



 Each partner can contact if they wish to sponsor Exchange21 Autumn. 

 You should receive a registration confirmation email showing your e-ticket. Your ticket automatically gives you access to the series sessions.

 You will receive an email with an access link to the event platform early october where you will be able to view a detailed agenda, build your own agenda, learn about sponsors, and start networking!  

 No, although we encourage you to add the Planisware workshops - Learn track - to your own agenda. This helps the presenters prepare for the interactive workshop.

 While you don’t need to register ahead of time for the networking roundtables, space is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the “table” is full, the room will be closed to new attendees.

 You do not need to register for individual sessions such as the keynotes, customer case studies, thought leadership sessions, and partner sessions.

If you can no longer attend the Event, you may notify Planisware as soon as possible to request a name change on your ticket. Such request shall be no later than 7 days before the Event and by email at:

Name change on your ticket may be granted at Planisware’s sole discretion. Name change is free of charge and shall be requested at least 7 days prior to the Event. Past this delay, name change will be charged.

If you decide to cancel your registration, you have within fourteen days from your the date of payment at to put in writing your demand to be refunded. No refunds will be granted in whole or in part if cancellation is received after such delay or in the event of nonattendance.

Please remember that cancelling your registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements. Participants are responsible for cancelling their own hotel and travel reservations.


Agenda, Sessions & Networking

 Not at all! Exchange21 contains a lot of content, but is designed so there is something for everyone. You can attend only the sessions that interest you.

 The Exchange21 Virtual sessions are entirely web-based. You will need access to a computer and internet. Make sure your browser is up to date and you have a strong internet connection. Then just sit back, and enjoy!

 This year we are using a NEW event platform that works in your browser - no download required. We recommend Chrome for the best experience, but Firefox and Opera also work well. Unfortunately, other browsers, like Safari, do not support our technology yet.

 If we can, we will post the video recordings and slide decks, with additional resources, in the event platform. They will also be posted in our Community Forum and Customer Portal later. Note you must have a Customer Portal account to access the forum and portal. You don't have an account? Request one here.

 Network before the event in our community forum!

 Registrants will get access to the event platform before the event. Once inside the platform, depending on your pass, you will be able to connect with attendees, chat and video chat, request 1-on-1 meetings, and more!

 We've set aside some time each day for networking - we encourage you to go to the Networking Lounge to chat with Planisware Experts, attend a roundtable, and connect with our sponsors.

 The Networking Lounge will be open at all times - video chat with anyone here! We will have Planisware "Expert Hours" each day, where Planisware Experts will be available to video chat with you about specific topics.

 Additionally, our workshops (Learn track) will be in an interactive setting, allowing participants to see and talk to each other.

 Yes! Only the finest for our attendees! The event app will be available for download on Play store and App store shortly before the event starts. You will receive an email when it is available to download.

 Check out the participants list on our platform. A contact list of all attendants, Planisware Experts and sponsors will be available.

 Once you find the person you want to meet, you can request to meet. The accepting participant will be given the time slots that fit yours, theirs and resources availabilities. We recommend to type an intro to your invitation and also mention your availabilities.




Training & Certification Sessions

 Yes! This year we are holding multiple Enterprise & Orchestra training sessions in our Academy track. 

 These trainings will be taught by Planisware Experts. The session will include pre-recorded training, followed by live Q&A with a Planisware Experts.

 At this time we do not plan to hold any Certification courses or exams during the series. Contact with any Certification questions.



I still have questions. Whom do I contact?

Our Exchange team is here for you!
Send us your questions and comments to