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Planisware enjoys Continued Growth and Success in 2010

Thursday, March 3, 2011 I San Francisco, California (USA) I Press Release I Corporate

Planisware strengthens its position as a global leader within the new product development space attributing a new product release, revenue growth and profitability as key components to success in the past year.

Planisware™, the leading global provider of world-class Project and Product Portfolio management solutions, experienced an outstanding year in 2010 with several key achievements - persistent revenue growth, continued cultivation of a strong customer base, a new release of its Product Portfolio Management solution, positive coverage from industry analysts, and the successful organization of customer events world-wide.

Reporting earnings of $34 million in revenue, Planisware experienced growth and profitability for the 15th straight year. With the addition of 12 new customers in 2010 - including Saudi Aramco, Abbott, and Generali - and the renewal of license extensions by nearly 20 existing customers, Planisware continued to post solid gains and to strengthen its leadership position within the new product development space. By close of 2010, Planisware had a corporate presence within 50% of the world’s top 20 largest R&D companies, managing a cumulative R&D budget of $67.1 billion. To support its growth, the company expanded its workforce and moved to larger office spaces in both San Francisco, California and Munich, Germany. Planisware expects to achieve double digit growth again in 2011, thanks to a solid pipeline of potential new customers.

With Planisware 5 well established among Planisware’s existing customer base, 2010 brought the announcement of Planisware Version 5.2, the most ambitious service pack to date. Planisware Version 5.2 incorporated user-requested upgrades like new interfaces with Microsoft SharePoint® and Oracle® Primavera, improved integration with Microsoft Office®, and numerous usability enhancements. Showcased in Version 5.2 is a new comprehensive Product Portfolio Management module enabling users to go beyond the development phase of new products, to manage the full product lifecycle. Providing business and decision support functionality, it is complementary to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that focus on process and detailed product data. Capabilities include Profit & Loss Statements, Competitive Analysis Assessment, Requirements & Release Management, and Product Configuration Management.

“We have great expectations for 2011. Our high-end market position and the addition of the Product PortfoManagement module enabled us to post a very strong year in 2010 despite a globally depressed environmestresses Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. “This trend will continue to grow in importance. Our solutions are a perfect match for many product organizations, which, in conjunction with our outstanding execution capabilities, will translate to greater market share for Planisware and increased leadership within our markets. Our solution is delivering a 3-digit return on investment and Planisware continues to benefit from a very strong word-of-mouth from our customer base, a key ingredient of Planisware’s success these past years.”

Planisware’s remote product delivery service also made great strides with the adoption of an upgraded SaaS platform. Planisware’s SaaS offering, Planisware Live™, was designed to minimize deployment time and lower costs, offering companies a jump-start for implementing Planisware in a secure and scalable environment. After scrupulous evaluation, Datapipe was chosen as the new data center to host this offering: with SAS 70 Type II certified facilities, data security is ensured, and its facilities are located around the world, making it a good fit for serving Planisware’s global community. In 2010, revenue from Planisware Live experienced a 200% increase over the previous year.

Industry analysts continue to rank Planisware as one of the leading solution providers. Lead Forrester analyst Roy C. Wildeman emphasized Planisware as “offering high-value product technology strategy capabilities, portfolio analytics, and other executive-decision-support features” in his review of PPM for Product Development1. IDC, in 2010 IDC Marketscape2 cites one key aspect of the solution is its ability to “enable coordination across different business units to let them begin leveraging common data, reporting, and metrics.” Gartner, in its 2010 PPM Magic Quadrant3, notes that “customers cite the support and service they receive from Planisware as a strength of the provider”.

Dedicated to providing first-class service to its user community, Planisware bolstered its offering of training courses. In addition to on-demand sessions, standardized week-long courses taught participants about topics such as web-based administration, system maintenance and configuration skills in a personalized and interactive setting. Furthermore, continuing a long established tradition, the annual Planisware European and Life Sciences User Conferences featured many workshops around advanced technical subjects presented by leading Planisware consultants and product architects.

The 2010 European and Life Sciences User Conferences – held in Paris, France, and Boston, Massachusetts, respectively - were each met with record-breaking attendance and high praise from participants. Planisware also debuted a one-day User Summit, designed to gather the rapidly growing German customer base and foster networking among customers in Munich, Germany. All three Planisware conferences will be held again in 2011: the U.S Life Sciences User conference will be held on May 25th and 26th in Miami Beach, Florida; the German Summit is planned to take place on June 6th in Munich, while the European User Conference is scheduled for this fall in Paris.

About Planisware™

Planisware is the leading global provider of world-class project & product portfolio management solutions. Planisware’s acclaimed configurability accommodates the company’s global customers across a variety of industries – including pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, energy, aerospace and defense, automotive, and high-tech – and empowers users to align the solution with key business programs and portfolio management processes. With more than 150,000 users worldwide and a 99% customer retention rate, Planisware has been recognized as an industry leader by several esteemed analysts, as well as has achieved Stage-Gate Ready© and SAP® integration certifications. To learn more about Planisware, please visit or call 888-752-6479.