Planisware Enterprise PPM

A Software Solution to Manage Programs and Project Portfolios at Scale

Planisware Enterprise is the integrated solution that brings together budgets, forecasts, schedules, resources, and actuals.

Global organizations like Ford, Huawei, Pfizer, and Société Générale, and dynamic mid-sized innovators such as Zebra, Beam Suntory, and MSA Safety alike trust Planisware to manage their project pipeline.

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Align your Pipeline – Execute and Assess Results

  • Shape your strategy and assess results through roadmaps, budgets, and investment buckets
  • Define, prioritize, and manage your portfolio of projects through investment scenarios, and simulations
  • Gain visibility and manage your resources through capacity planning, resource scheduling, and time tracking
  • Control your projects through scheduling, costs, and deliverable management
  • Improve team collaboration and sustain engagement through social networking, knowledge management, and reporting

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A series of two demos focused on IT ppm, featuring the complete IT lifecycle from demand management and portfolio selection to execution and Agile projects.

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Engineering & Project Control

Make managing your most demanding, large-scale engineering projects simple with multi-level scheduling, smart template librairies, and an easy way to handle project progress.

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Tools to Streamline Portfolio Governance

A live demo to show you how Planisware Enterprise supports strategic and tactical portfolio decision-making and helps you streamline your governance processes.

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Resource Management

Where should your most critical resources be allocated? How are you going to staff the highest priority projects? What about leveraging contractors?

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Some Planisware Enterprise Capabilities

Key Techs that Set Planisware Enterprise Apart

Parallel Processing

Native SMP (Symetric Parallel Processing) to support extreme data sets and intensive computational tasks.


All your data at your fingertips:  improved performance and more dynamic dashboarding and screens as data is always ready to be used.

Planning Intelligence

Improve project planning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Chatbot and Predictive Estimations available now.

Excel 2.0 = ActiveTab

With ActiveTab unlock Microsoft Excel modeling capabilities at scale. Keep a familiar face for your user, control and integrate data faster.


A Single Source of Truth for all Portfolios, Projects, and Resources

We wanted to accelerate some of our programs. We had a new CEO coming in. He wanted to know what can we do? How quickly can we do it? What's it going to cost? We were able to turn it around in 6 hours. And I think it impressed our CEO - and it turned out to be accurate.

The biggest thing Planisware has done for us is provided an immense level of transparency. We're actually hiring people based on results that we see from the tool.

Software Analysts rank Planisware as a leader in PPM

Planisware provides scalable and robust PPM, with features allowing users to prioritize projects included in a portfolio, and then drill down into planned resource consumption views, head count requirements, planned expenditures and budgets.

By also tracking cost and value against projects, users can then present historical, present and future perspectives of their project portfolios.

Planisware Enterprise is strong in supporting the emergent PPM shift away from a project-based focus to more of a product-based focus, where appropriate.

Gartner, "Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management"

Planisware (...) ha(s) built (its) businesses around the product development space and (is one of the two) clear market share leader. Look for these vendors to differentiate themselves from the other market entrants by offering high-value product technology strategy capabilities, portfolio analytics, and other executive-decision-support features.

Forrester, "It’s Time To Revisit PPM For Product Development"

Planisware is a solid PPM solution for large enterprises with capital investment or product development portfolios. Its multi-lingual and multi-currency support and strong partner network makes it an ideal solution for global enterprises.

Info-Tech, "Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management"

Planisware Enterprise Certifications

Stage-Gate Ready

Planisware Enterprise is Stage-Gate certified on both classic and hybrid methodology.

Scaled Agile Platform Partner

Planisware supports Agile at the portfolio and operational levels.

ISO 27001 Certified

Planisware cloud procedures are ISO 27001 certified. Planisware is also AICPA certified and compliant with SOC 1 & 2 Type II standards.

SAP Certified

The Planisware Enterprise connector is certified by SAP for reliability and performance.


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