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About the 2019 Program

Our company-level subscription-based training program is designed to help a variety of end users across the organization gain confidence and boost productivity using the system. Conveniently held online, bite-sized 1-4 hour sessions make it easy to fit into your team’s work day.


For 2020

We will offer more end user training in the fall of 2020.

Check out our Power User Training Program that begins February 3, 2020 if you are interested in more complete usage of the system as an end user.



The Value of our End User Training Program

Benefits for your End Users

  • Increased comfort and productivity using the system.
  • New use cases for using features and capabilities.


Benefits for your Organization

  • More efficient usage leads to lower project costs.
  • More complete usage results in lower system costs and increased momentum for “one source of truth”
  • New capability discoveries increase value from the tool.
  • Eased learning curve improves new module roll outs.




What you get with our 2019 End User Training Program

This 1-year subscription to the Training Program includes the following:


12 training sessions
(live, online, and

  • 18+ hours of total training time (1-4 hours each).
    See schedule here.
  • 1 training session per month.
  • Each session includes live Q&A, take-home exercises, and access to a training sandbox.
  • Letter of Completion for individuals are available by request. To be eligible, the individual must attend live training and complete all exercises.
  • Recordings are available by pre-request.


4 Q&A forums

  • One forum per quarter.
  • Participants may submit questions and topics ahead of time.
  • Topics may include additional capabilities, deeper dives, new features, and more.
  • An agenda of selected topics will be posted prior to the forum session.


5 flexible seats
(per session & forum)

  • Pick and choose who attends each training session/forum; different individuals can attend different sessions.
  • Make sure the right individuals get the precise knowledge they need.






Is this Program Right for Your Team?

These training classes are targeted to help end users across your organization. Example users:

  • Team members

  • Project managers

  • Resource managers

  • Other end users

  • Business unit leaders



Only interested in a single training session?
Ad hoc Class Passes are available for 1 named seat for 1 session. There is no access to the Q&A forums, payment is due 1 week prior to the class, and the cost is $150. View our upcoming events to register for individual training sessions.

Interested in administration and configuration training?
Our Certification Program might be for you. It arms administrators and system implementors with the skills to administrate, maintain, and configure the system with best practices. A rigorous online curriculum with 40+ hours of instruction is available to help candidates prepare to pass the exam(s) to get Planisware Certified. Learn more here.




How to Enroll your Organization

Contact us

Email us at to enroll your organization in the 2019 End User Training Program. Please include your full name, title/role, organization name and preferred payment method (credit card or PO).

Total investment: $5,000

Access to sessions is given upon receipt of payment. Pro-rated for mid-year sign-ups.

Get ready to learn and choose your seats

At least one week before each training session, have your team register online using your company subscription code.

Before the session, we will contact registrants with more information, including specific log-in information and a short pre-training questionnaire to fill out so the presenter has an idea of the audience's background.

After the session the participants will have time to work on take-home exercises and ask any follow-up questions. Letters of Completion are available upon request and completion of the exercises.

For specific questions about training, contact


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