Dr. Ken Huskins

NPD Innovation Process Consultant, Co-Presenter of “Stage-Gate Success: Mitigating NPD Risk Via Predictability,” Co-Presenter of "Establish and Grow Value from your NPD Process & Automation Tool (A Best Practice Framework)," Interviewed about "A Primer for Integrated Roadmapping"

Dr. Ken Huskins is an independent NPD Innovation Process Consultant (formerly Principal in the USA Consulting Services practice of Stage-Gate International). Ken continues to provide product innovation performance improvement solutions to clients and across a wide range of sizes and types of organizations. Ken has expertise in new product and service innovation, strategic planning and product portfolio management, and has extensive experience facilitating the buy-in required to make innovation change successful.

He has worked with Innovation leaders in over 75 organizations around the world and across multiple industries, including aerospace, medical products, automotive, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, electronics, food, software development, financial services and industrial products. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Ken gained nearly 25 years of new product development and portfolio management consulting experience in multiple industries.

Ken holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon’s Institute of Molecular Biology and a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College. He was also a PHS Fellow in Neurochemistry conducting post-doctoral work at the University of California and has authored over 25 referenced technical publications. Ken has been certified by the Product Development and Management Association as a new product development Professional (NPDP).

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