Cost Management

Today's organizations are often under pressure to complete a multitude of projects with limited resources, time, and budget, making it important for them to employ comprehensive cost management processes.

Cost and Budget Control

Cost management and budget control is often one of the trickiest parts of the project management process. Planisware simplifies budget control and cost management by enabling users to track ongoing internal and external costs with a variety of different cost units, as well as define various currencies and labor rates.

The software allows users to easily track costs through reports and tables that reflect budget changes and the subsequent affects. Furthermore, an advanced billing and invoicing module supports any user-defined resource cost rates and cost escalations, and supports entire invoicing cycles – ensuring that all incoming and outgoing resources are accounted for in the overall budget.

Earned Value Management

Planisware is the only solution available that extends a complete, advanced EVM system in a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere – ensuring that all internal and external stakeholders have access to the same information.

By combining program scope, scheduling, cost management, performance measurement and supplier management into a single methodology, Planisware provides users with the tools they need to meet all ANSI/EIA 748 requirements.

The solution’s robust cost engine offers full integration between the cost and scheduling engines, cost performance reporting capabilities, support for incurred cost submission schedules, and breakdowns and calculations of cost types.

Key Capabilities:

  • Full integration between the cost and scheduling engines.
  • Cost performance report (CPR) and dashboard capabilities that can easily produce C-Spec and other required reports.
  • Support for incurred cost submission (ICS) schedules – often required by allowable cost and payment contract clauses – that include final indirect rates and direct contract costs consistent with procurement provisions.
  • Complete support of ANSI/EIA 748 requirements and standards.
  • Breakdowns and calculations of cost types, such as labor, fringe, general and administration, and any other direct or indirect costs.
  • Powerful reporting that enables the ability to use immutable canned reports as well as the ability for administrators create standardized report templates, empowering the business to answer the questions they looking for while maintaining consistency across an organization.

Managing Contracts and Project Proposals

Before projects are approved and executed, managers must often put together proposals that outline expected parameters, including costs, resources and schedules required.

Planisware facilitates ongoing management of these proposals and contracts – from the beginning planning phases through project execution – via performance metrics, cost reports, and resource allocation tools.

Furthermore, the solution consolidates information regarding contract performance at the portfolio level, enabling executives to monitor existing activity and assess the overall value of the project pipeline.