Cost and Budget Control

Cost management and budget control is often one of the trickiest parts of the project management process. Planisware simplifies budget control and cost management by enabling users to track ongoing internal and external costs with a variety of different cost units, as well as define various currencies and labor rates.

Enterprise-wide standards

Projects in Planisware are structured and tracked according to enterprise-wide standards; costs can be tracked according to work, resource, cost account, and organizational breakdown structures. Currencies and labor rates can be defined and updated as needed to reflect current market rates.

Historical rates can be preserved for the time period in which they were effective.

Track costs throughout the life of a project

The software allows users to easily track costs through reports and tables that reflect budget changes and the subsequent effects. Furthermore, an advanced billing and invoicing module supports any user-defined resource cost rates and cost escalations, and supports entire invoicing cycles – ensuring that all incoming and outgoing resources are accounted for in the overall budget.