Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders is essential to ensuring that everyone is kept up to speed, and that projects run smoothly.

In an age of telecommuters and global participants, connectivity is often difficult to achieve. Planisware ensures that all parties involved are kept up-to-date through its Web-based interface that extends access to data from anywhere and provides a centralized, shared database for all information.

Key features assist team members in collaborating on shared activities, improving the development of projects, helping to identify problems early on, and encouraging solutions or improvements to come to the forefront.

Document Management

The Document Management feature in Planisware enables team members to attach documents to activities, stages, gates, milestones, opportunities, products, and projects, to share necessary supplemental information. Documents can be organized, assigned access rights, and managed by version within Planisware's Document Management module.

To accommodate organizations that have already implemented a third party content or document management system, Planisware offers seamless integration capabilities, interfacing with systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, Alfresco, and WebDav.

Social Networking

The social networking feature enables users to easily collaborate with other users in a dynamic and informal way, by sharing comments, ideas, issues, and documents about projects, deliverables, portfolios, programs, departments, and more.   

Users can track the progression of collaboration through walls, or subscribe to receive notifications when particular topics are updated.