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Cloud Services

What are Planisware's cloud service options and how do they compare?

What are Planisware's Cloud Service Options?

Planisware can be delivered:

  • On-premise, where the client purchases licenses and hosts the solution, or
  • In the cloud, where Planisware provides the hosting platform and maintains the solution, and the solution is provided as a service

Planisware provides two cloud solutions, Planisware Live and Noovem. Planisware Live offers a private cloud with dedicated hosting for each customer, whereas Noovem offers the benefits of a shared service.

A Comparison: Planisware Live vs. Noovem

  Planisware Live Noovem
Type Dedicated Cloud: the solution and servers are dedicated to each customer. Managed Cloud: the solution and servers are shared among the users of the service
For Whom? Any Planisware customer regardless of the size of deployment. Noovem targets deployments from 10 to 300 users; subscription fees start at $7,500 monthly.
Service Updates Planisware manages system maintenance, with service updates provided on-demand (with the exception of security patches). Planisware manages all maintenance work, and upgrades the service on a regular basis, usually once a quarter.
Integration capabilities Planisware Live is dedicated and is considered an extension of the customer's organization. The client's IT policies govern integration. Limited 'enterprise' integration capabilities are available; LDAP is an option.
Infrastructure provider Datapipe Datapipe
Solution version Any, selected by the customer; updated/upgraded on-demand. Latest version of the product; currently Planisware V6.
Functional Scope All features are available. All features are available; some restrictions apply regarding integration options.

Want more information?

Is it possible to purchase Planisware and host the solution within our organization?

Yes, Planisware is also available on-premise. In this case, our customers both purchase software licenses and host the the solution directly within their organization.

Depending on your IT policy, Planisware staff may be allowed to access your servers under certain conditions to remotely assist your IT teams with maintenance of the solution.

Do Planisware Live and Noovem share the same features?

Yes, Planisware Live and Noovem are based on full versions of Planisware software, featuring the same capabilities.

However, Noovem offers limited integration capabilities.

What are the main differences between Planisware Live and Noovem?

Both are managed services. Planisware Live features a dedicated server, dedicated infrastructure, customized SLAs, and on-demand upgrades.

The Noovem infrastructure is shared by all users of the service, SLA is standard and upgrades are applied according to Planisware support policies, usually once a quarter for maintenance.

Are Planisware's consulting and implementation services available to Noovem customers?

Yes, on the same basis as traditional implementations. Planisware also offers additional consulting services by the hour to help you grow the solution within your organization.

Hosting Centers

Planisware's cloud hosting centers are located in the United States, in Europe, and in Asia.

Security and compliance

Planisware is SOC2 certified type 1 for its cloud operations and procedures. Planisware’s hosting provider Datapipe holds several certifications: Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) SSAE16 (or ISAE 3402 on an international basis), HIPAA compliance for administrative and physical safeguards, and is compliant with PCI DSS standards as a level 1 PCI Certified Service Provider.


For data confidentiality reasons (patriotic act, personal information, etc.), customers are usually hosted by geographic location, i.e. Europe vs. the United States.