Chris Poole

Managing Partner, Bizmotion LLC


Chris is the co-founder and managing partner of Bizmotion, a consulting and training company focused on digitization of innovation, portfolio management, new product development and supply chain processes. With partners and affiliates in North America and Europe, Bizmotion provides agile and effective solutions to clients, bringing immediate and sustainable bottom line impact.

Previously, Chris had a high profile and successful corporate career leading innovation, technology development, engineering and strategic supply chain functions in the oil & gas, mining, power generation and automotive sectors. He has led engineering and supply chain teams in USA, UK, China, Italy and Dubai. Chris has proven expertise in delivering sustainable business growth through the implementation of world class processes in portfolio and project management, technology and engineering innovation. He has been a presenter, panelist and guest speaker at several global forums.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and an MBA from Cranfield University (UK).


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