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The Value of Certification

Why get Planisware Certified?

  • Validate your Planisware administration & configuration expertise. And then make sure you stay up to speed with the latest Planisware technology.
  • Make an impact on your implementation. Administer Planisware confidently and react faster to business needs.
  • Excel in your role and career. Stand out from the crowd as a trusted Planisware expert with credentials. Be prepared for new roles and responsibilities.
  • Connect with other Planisware experts. Share experiences and grow your network.


Benefits for Customer Organizations

  • Rest assured the maintenance and configuration of your system is in good hands with administrators armed with the knowledge to maintain Planisware and the skills to configure using best practices.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by reducing dependence on external expertise.


Benefits for Partner Organizations

  • Increase customer satisfaction; give them confidence your team is ready to meet their needs using implementation best practices.
  • Stay relevant with insights on the latest Planisware releases.
  • Enhance your team’s career through extensive online training.


Who holds Planisware Certification credentials?

Our first cycle of training sessions and exams took place in 2018. Check if a customer or partner has received Planisware Certification credentials by filling out this form.




What you get with the Certification Program

Getting Planisware Certified means being an active member of the Planisware Certification Program. Your annual subscription gives you access to any or all of the following resources below. Tailor the Certification Program to your needs by choosing the tools that are right for you and your organization.


Online Training
(20+ topics and 40+ hours)

  • 40 hours of online, live, instructor-led training sessions on how to administrate, configure, and update your Planisware implementations.
  • Sessions are spread out over 3 months and attendance is not required, but highly recommended. All sessions are recorded and available to program members.
  • See sessions here.


Planisware Box training environment

  • Your own personal Planisware Best Practices environment available on your laptop.
  • Practice any time you want for the duration of your active membership.



Members-only Q&A Forum

  • Access Planisware Experts and other Certification Program members for guidance and advice in a convenient, online platform.
  • Ask questions about what you are learning, access training material, and engage with other members by helping answer each other's questions.


Ability to earn Planisware Certification credentials

  • 2 levels of credentials are offered, each with a corresponding exam:
    • Planisware Certification - Core credential is earned by passing the Core exam, focusing on administration
    • Planisware Certification - Advanced credential is earned by passing both the Advanced exam, focusing on implementation and configuration, and the Core exam
  • Program subscription includes one attempt at each exam; you can retake a failed exam for an additional fee. Read the FAQs for specific exam information.





Is Certification Right for You?

Is your answer “Yes” to both questions?

  • Is your organization a Planisware customer (whether on-premise or SaaS) or an integration partner?
  • Are you responsible for administration (business or system), or implementing and configuring the system?

If so, this program was designed for you in mind. However, if you’re interested in end-user training, see our end user training program

To learn more about getting certified and the Planisware Certification Program, check out our FAQs.
For specific questions, contact

Read our FAQs




How to Get Certified and Stay Certified

1. Pre-register online

Once you know certification is right for you, pre-register for the Certification Program. Once your registration is confirmed and payment is received, your membership to the Planisware Certification Program is activated and you'll gain access to the Program's contents and exams.

Cost for 1st year: $3500/3000€

2. Gain the right skills

Participate in the online training sessions to gain the skills necessary to pass the exams. Practice your newly acquired skills in your Planisware Box training environment.

3. Get Certified by passing the exam(s)

If you want to validate your business and system administration expertise, pass the Core exam to earn the Planisware Certification - Core credential. If you want to validate your skills in system maintenance and configuration, you must pass both the Core exam and the Advanced exam to earn the Planisware Certification - Advanced credential. 

Exams in 2019 will be based on Planisware V6.2.

4. Stay Certified

Stay active in the Certification Program by renewing your membership annually ($1725/1500€ after the first year).

Maintain your Planisware Certification – Core or Planisware Certification – Advanced credentials by passing the exams every 2 years and staying active in the Certification Program. Your credentials are valid for 2 years from the date you passed the pertinent exam.



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