Business Cases



Collect ideas, build and assess project proposals, estimate resource and budget needs.






Ideas & requests

Collect and score ideas and requests in a consistent way. Group, split or discard ideas before turning the most promising ones into project proposals.

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Qualitative Scorecards

Assess each proposal along qualitative attributes such as risk and market strategy in a consistent and transparent manner.

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Quantitative Financial Assessment

For each project proposal: enter or derive quantitative metrics such as cash flow, NPV and ECV using a consistent methodology; estimate resource and budgetary needs using templates or dedicated tools; and build profit and loss statements that can be aggregated and compared at the portfolio level.

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Managing Risk & Uncertainty

Test various scenarios for different outcomes, to exercise prudence in building the best, or simply alternative business cases for a particular project proposal.

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Building a Business Case

Discover how Planisware can help your organization clearly define the business case for projects and provide the infrastructure for objective prioritization.

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