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Brochures, white papers and videos about Planisware and PPM.

Scaling and Distributing Excel with ActiveTab

Tempted by a PPM solution, but also love the flexibility of Excel? What if you could combine both? Use Excel for its modeling and ad-hoc reporting capabilities and Planisware for distributing and consolidating spreadsheets.

Webinar: Innovation strategy and portfolio management

In this hour-long webinar hosted by the Planisware Center for Excellence and the Industrial Research Institute, Dr. Robert G. Cooper presents tools and best practices for project selection, and maximizing your organization's portfolio.

How Beam Suntory improved its commercialization process

Eric Schuetzler, Senior Director of Global Commercialization for Beam Suntory, explains how the growing, worldwide organization used Planisware to streamline the company's portfolio, get products to market faster and increase project delivery by 18% without increasing headcount.